December 09, 2020

On February 05, 2021, Personal Records will release the debut full length from Norwegian solo Doom / Death Metal project FELGRAVE, “A Waning Light”. Personal Records is the new label of MAJESTIC DOWNFALL mainman Jacobo C√≥rdova, which will be distributed by Chaos Records. The “A Waning Light” cover artwork was created by Mariusz Lewandowski and the full tracklist of the album reads like this: ‘Millennium Shroud’, ‘The Borrower’, ‘Summer’s Widow’, ‘Withered Years’ and ‘Oracular’. The album opener ‘Millennium Shroud’ can already be streamed here. More FELGRAVE at

Spanish Death Metallers UNBOUNDED TERROR have just released a video for ‘Infernal Judgment’ at this location. The song will appear on their upcoming new full length “Infernal Judgment”, which will be released on January 19, 2021 via Xtreem Music on CD format. Apart from ‘Infernal Judgment’ the album will feature 4 re-recordings of songs from their 1992 debut full length “Nest Of Affliction” and three live tracks from their latest album “Faith In Chaos”, that were recorded on August 20, 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. More about UNBOUNDED TERROR you will find here:

Swedish Black Metallers MALAKHIM have just premiered the track ‘There Is A Beacon’ at this location. It is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album “Theion”, which will be released on January 08, 2020 via Iron Bonehead Productions. A video for ‘The Splendour Of Stillborn Stars’ is additionally available here. The complete “Theion” tracklist reads as follows: ‘There Is A Beacon’, ‘Merciless Angel Of Pestilence’, ‘Slither O Serpent’, ‘Chalice Of Ruin’, ‘His Voiceless Whisper’, ‘Hammer Of Satan’, ‘The Splendour Of Stillborn Stars’ and ‘Theion’. For all further MALAKHIM information visit

Spanish Death Metallers DEVOTION have just premiered the track ‘Megiddo’s’ over here. It is taken from DEVOTION’s upcoming second album “The Harrowing”, which will be released on January 25, 2021 via Memento Mori. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘The Harrowing’, ‘God Forlorn’, ‘Megiddo’s’, ‘Brethren In Gloom’, ‘Valley Of Death’, ‘Birth Of Horror’, ‘Mangled Angels’, ‘Feast Of Esdras’, ‘The Mournful Beam’, ‘Depravity’, ‘Demon Sleep’, ‘Virtue Besmirched’ and ‘Penumbra’. The previously revealed ‘God Forlorn’ can still be streamed at this location. More DEVOTION info at

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