April 06, 2022

Spanish Death Metallers INTOLERANCE have just premiered the track ‘Death Before Slavery’ at this location. It will appear on the band’s upcoming debut full length “Dark Paths Of Humanity”. Memento Mori will release the CD version on April 25, 2022, Godz Ov War Productions the tape version on May 13, 2022 and the vinyl version will follow later from Fucking Kill Records. The previously revealed album tracks ‘Echoes From The Past’ and ‘Embodiment Of Chaos’ can additionally still be streamed here, respectively here. The complete “Dark Paths Of Humanity” tracklist reads as follows: ‘Embodiment Of Chaos’, ‘Death Before Slavery’, ‘Beyond The Axis Of Truth’, ‘Flagellation’, ‘Echoes From The Past’, ‘Tower Of Silence’, ‘Cataleptic Despair’ and ‘Dark Paths Of Humanity’. More about INTOLERANCE at www.facebook.com/intolerancedeathmetal

Chilean Death Metallers CONCILIVM are streaming their upcoming debut album “A Monument In Darkness” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on April 08, 2022 via Iron Bonehead Productions. More CONCILIVM at https://concilivm.bandcamp.com

Australian Death Metallers ALTARS have just released a teaser video for their upcoming second album “Ascetic Reflection” at this location. The album will be released via Everlasting Spew Records later this year. For regular updates make sure to follow ALTARS at www.facebook.com/altarsdeath

Paris, France based brutal Death Metal quartet HURAKAN has just premiered a lyric video for ‘Abyssal’ over here. The song, which will appear on the band’s upcoming third full length “Via Aeterna”, features Filip Danielsson from HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH and IN REVERENCE. The album will be released on April 15, 2022 via Lacerated Enemy Records. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Imperium’, ‘Void’, ‘Abyssal’, ‘Charon’, ‘Asmodeus’, ‘Vagrant’, ‘Resurgence’, ‘Umbra’ and ‘Via Aeterna’. More HURAKAN information you will find at www.facebook.com/hurakanband

On June 30, 2022 Dying Victims Productions will release the debut album of Australia’s blackened Metalpunks IRONHAWK, “Ritual Of The War Path”, on CD and vinyl LP formats. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘The Final Crusade’, ‘Signal To Oblivion’, ‘Into The Circle’, ‘Sanctimony’, ‘Eternal Winter’, ‘Dark Age’, ‘Escape From The Void’, ‘Doomsday Rider’, ‘Gates Of Beyond’ and ‘Ritual Of The War Path’. You can already check out ‘Signal To Oblivion’ at this location. For all further IRONHAWK info please visit www.facebook.com/boozehoundsfromhell

Swedish Black Metallers RIMTHURS have released their debut album “Thursamál” on March 25, 2022 via A.D.G Records. It was mixed by Jonas Lindstrom at Studio Apocalypse (EREB ALTOR, ISOLE, ON THE ALTAR) and mastered by John Falk (GHÛLHEIM, SORCERY). The cover artwork was created by Nifl Productions. A full album stream is available over here. All additional band information you will find at www.facebook.com/rimthurs

Gothenburg, Sweden based melodic Death Metal band SAILOR HUNTER will release a new self-titled EP on May 19, 2022 via Inverse Records. A video for the EP’s first single ‘Scarred’ can already be watched at this location. All further SAILOR HUNTER info you will find at www.facebook.com/sailorhunterband

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