June 17, 2020

On August 21, 2020 Primitive Reaction will release “Ignis Spiritus”, a new mini album from Finland’s FLAME, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Intro’, ‘Firespirit Of Rebellion’, ‘Primordial Storm’, ‘Astral Crypt’ and ‘Force And Fire’. ‘Firespirit Of Rebellion’ can already be streamed here. FLAME was formed back in 1998 by members of BARATHRUM and URN. For all additional band information check out www.facebook.com/satansflame

Tampa, Florida based blackened Death Metallers INSATANITY have just released a lyric video for ‘Demons Within Creation’ at this location. The track will appear on the band’s forthcoming album “Hymns Of The Gods Before”, which will be released on June 19, 2020 via CDN Records. More about INSATANITY at www.facebook.com/insatanityofficial

Black Metallers THE RITE (featuring A.Th of BLACK OATH and Ustumallagam of DENIAL OF GOD) are streaming their upcoming debut album “Liturgy Of The Black” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on June 19, 2020 via Iron Bonehead Productions. For all further band information please visit www.facebook.com/the-rite-band-page-219647875291113

UK based Death Metal trio ETERNAL ROT will release a new EP entitled “Putridarium” through Godz Ov War Productions later this year. It will feature the following four tracks: ‘Downward Among The Departed’, ‘Serenity Through Maniacal Flagellation With Decomposing Limbs’, ‘Endless Stream Of Coffins’ and ‘Descent Into Torment’. You can already check out ‘Descent Into Torment’ at this location. The cover artwork was created by Mark Riddick. All additional band info you will find at www.facebook.com/eternalrot

Polish Death Metallers RITES OF DAATH will release their debut full length “Doom Spirit Emanation” via Godz Ov War Productions on July 06, 2020 on CD, LP, MC and in digital format. The album was recorded at Roslyn Studio and the mixing and mastering was done by VK (TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE, VASSAFOR, SINISTROUS DIABOLUS) . The cover art and layout was created by WS Artworks. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Doom Spirit Emanation’, ‘The Accursing Tongues’, ‘Shrines Of Seclusion’, ‘Primeval Depths Of Chaos’, ‘The Chasm’ and ‘Mercurian Blood’. You can already listen to ‘Shrines Of Seclusion’ here. More about RITES OF DAATH at www.facebook.com/ritesofdaath

On July 06, 2020 Polish technical Death Metallers UERBEROS will release their sophomore album “Stand Over Your Grave” via Godz Ov War Productions on CD and digital format. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Levitation’, ‘Ruthless Execution’, ‘Beautiful Crimson Of Your Blood’, ‘Human Carcass’, ‘Putrescine’, ‘Flaming Darkness’, ‘Stand Over Your Grave’, ‘To Make You Suffer!’ and ‘Emperor’. The album was recorded at Rob-Sonic Records, mixed and mastered by Robert Wrożyna and the artwork was created by Jesus Lhysta (Rotted Artist). An official lyric video for ‘Flaming Darkness’ can already be watched at this location. For all further UERBEROS information, go here: www.facebook.com/uerberosband

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Boston Massachusetts based Death Metal act INHALEMENT. The band’s new EP “Eternally Stoned” will be released on CD and digital formats today. It features the following tracks: ‘MJ Ultra’, ‘Unsmokeable’, ‘Drowning In Reclaim’ and ‘Eternally Stoned’. INHALEMENT were formed from the ashes of TOKE who previously released “Fifty Ton Nug” on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. You can stream the album track ‘MJ Ultra’ right here. More band information is available at www.facebook.com/inhalementdeathmetal

Finnish Death Metallers SHRAPNEL STORM will release their self-titled second album via Great Dane Records on August 17, 2020. Two songs are already available for streaming at the label’s Bandcamp site. A video for ‘Riding Against Dawn’ can furthermore be watched here. More about SHRAPNEL STORM at www.facebook.com/shrapnelstormband

“Aeon Of Deathless Blight”, the fourth full length from Slovakian Black / Death Metallers INFER, will be released on CD via Nigredo Records on June 20, 2020. You can listen to the album track ‘Into The Pit Of Gehenna’ here. More about INFER at www.facebook.com/infer666

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