Aeons Of Hate
(Alone Records)

This is the debut album from this Greek trio. I really like the instrumental tone, which is very much like SLAYER, the old and good SLAYER that is. The thing is that the more blackened vocals are just not as good as the music. They have a slight Jeff Walker tone and some touches of Takis from ROTTING CHRIST, yet I felt them quite one dimensional. The band is not always playing fast, yet I think that it is when they put the pedal to the metal when they do better. Musically speaking I can also hear a lot of SEPULTURA from the "Beneath The Remains" era, and even some very heavy and pounding riffs in the BOLT THROWER vein like in the self-titled song. As the album flows, the band feels safe playing at mid tempo, and while that showcases some simple yet very effective riffs, some speedier sections could do no bad here and there. For being the first work, and it seems they are still quite young, there is a lot of potential, I would ask for faster songs and for another approach at the vocals, in this case more brutal will fit a bit better.,

Julián “Plague Of Iron” Núñez

Julián "Plague Of Iron" Núñez

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