There Is Something Wrong
(Zoid Music)

Chicago Thrashers AFTERMATH, formed back in 1985, produced numbers of demos, before releasing their 1994 debut “Eyes Of Tomorrow”, which is now considered a progressive tech Thrash masterpiece. And, noticeably it was released in a time period when Thrash was fading away in favor of Black and Death Metal. It was recorded shortly after the demo days but published only in 1994, in which the energy of the beginnings declined with a progressive verve with a strong contemporary charge. Following up with another demo in 1996 and a brief name change (MOTHER GOD MOVIESTAR), AFTERMATH went on 15 years of hibernation, except a compilation / box set was released during 2011. Twenty-five years later this legendary band made a comeback with “There Is Something Wrong”, which was released in co-operation with Zoid Entertainment and Sleaszy Rider Records. With “There Is Something Wrong”, it seems to be back in the mid-nineties, when Crossover sounds were raging in Metal and it was not so rare to find oneself in the presence of bands with a sound that combined explosive Thrash Metal, Progressive and Hardcore, with strong inner messages and denial of social and political dogma. Musically, they have borrowed bits and pieces from the more energetic and Punk fueled Thrash style of their 1987 “Killing The Future” demo with such songs as ‘Diethanasia’ and ‘Smash Reset Control’. Songs like ‘False Flag Flying’, ‘Scientists And Priest’ and the title track always seem to lead back to the band’s demo days and the debut album. These three songs are highly original and unique, of course, making AFTERMATH sound like AFTERMATH. Starting from the Hardcore spirit with the powerful ‘False Flag Flying’, ‘Diethanasia’, ‘Scientists And Priest’ and ‘Smash, Reset, Control’, then the album begins to follow progressive shores very close to VOIVOD and later with a series of tracks that maintain an extremely Hardcore impact like ‘Gaslight’, ‘Pseudocide’ and the title track. Here, eleven tracks ran a length of little over 47 minutes and upon first exposure the strength of this concept record will be evident as the intro, interludes and outro placed intelligently to deliver the message across and tie the entire record together. While doing so, AFTERMATH combined tradition and modernity, experiments as well as tried and tested elements, thus produced an album beholding dark, belligerent and twisted rhythms and melodies. The band has used all kinds of strange and even bizarre effects, there are also numerous samples and parts of spoken voices following the album’s message in between and within the songs which complete their transformation into a technically audacious, progressive minded, avantgarde Thrash Metal band. Especially compared to the last "Eyes Of Tomorrow", it is clear that this quarter of a century has not passed in vain – the sound of AFTERMATH has become more raw and direct, decidedly contemporary with taste of VOIVOD genius. Charlie Tsiolis, sings as if he was leading a protest where charge and energy is unquestionable and lift the dynamics of the album with erratic, frantic and aggressive passages. According to frontman Tsiolis, specifically the ‘Gaslight’ track behold integral parts of the greater message behind this ambitious concept album, as he stated – “The song is about waking up and having an open-mind in order to avoid the elite’s attempt to gaslight you. It tells the real rulers of the world we are on to their ways and we will destroy them and their symbols.” This new album by the historic American band will certainly not find all the admirers of the release period of the first album, but it will certainly not betray those fans who have not forgotten the group and their undying passion. Explore more about AFTERMATH at:

Randolph Whateley

Randolph Whateley

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