Issue # 2
(120 pages, A4, printed, in German)

What a big improvement! The debut of this cool zine already turned out pretty promising, but with this excellent follow-up Stefan and Vasili really set their own standards for futures issues incredibly high (hopefully not TOO high)! The most important difference to their first offering is pretty easy to recognize as soon as you have ripped it out of the envelope: the two crazy motherfuckers added no less than 40 ADDITIONAL PAGES this time, which resulted in the fact that the printing company was unable to manufacture it the usual way and instead ended up with a book-binding type solution (all those of you who still own our farewell print issue, # 10, will probably know what I’m talking about…). In other words: this zine is pretty much a financial suicide for there are almost no ads in it!!! Crazy!! But apart from that they also improved everything else this time: there’s a lot more reviews in it, the Death Metal percentage has become stronger and the whole quality of the pics and stuff is also ways better! The only thing I don’t like too much this time is the often a bit too dark background pictures… Next time you should maybe consider to use either brighter backgrounds or to avoid them completely (which I would suggest). The contents continues exactly where the first issue stopped, which means you once again get several cool Black & Death Metal underground hordes from around the globe, like DRAWN AND QUARTERED, EQUINOX, FUNEBRARUM, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, ARMAGEDDA, BLACK MASS, BLOOD RITUAL, BLACK WITCHERY, SUMMON, DESASTER, LEVIATHAN, ZEMIAL, ADUMUS, CRUCIFIER, KULT OV AZAZEL, SUICIDAL WINDS etc.etc. Yes, a totally great selection all in all! So, all you still have to do now is give these guys your fullest support by ordering a copy of this zine for 5,-Euro (+ 1,44Euro for postage) at this address (the first 66 issues have an INQUISITION poster!): Vasili Vasilopoulus, Postfach 104108, 44041 Dortmund, Germany, Email: or P.S.: The next issue is supposed to be the first one entirely written in English!

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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