Slaying The Life
(Season of Mist)

Have you ever wondered what demented Metal sounds like? Look no further with BESTIAL MOCKERY. This latest attack is a pure and blasphemous Black / Thrash / Heavy Metal assault of the highest caliber with a really sick attitude. From the simple (yet effective) black and white cover art of a demon grapping a city (which reminded me of SEPULTURA’s debut EP), to the lyrics and sogntitles like ‘Deathsong’ and ‘Metal Fucking Death’, to the names of the perfumers like Devilpig or Warslaughter, it all prepares you for s severe brain damage. I would say that VENOM and MOTÖRHEAD as well as BATHORY are the main influences here, yet with a more maniac approach. If you have never ever experienced the Metal of these crazy Swedes, it is time to correct that. For one, the final product is superior, with a heavy galloping guitar sound, powerful drums and demented vocals. The bass is a bit lost and maybe it would have been a good idea to crank it up a bit, just listen to ‘Apocalypse Prayer’ to realize that it is there and that it emphasizes the deep sound of the band. I must add that some solos and arrangements are really very well done, and while in other cases this would take off some rawness from the final product, in BESTIAL MOCKERY they add a lot more of power to it. This is only their fourth full length, although they have a lot of releases (mainly splits) but they are sure a band to follow if you like bands like DESASTER or NIFELHEIM, or are just crazy for dirty and perverse Thrash. On of my favorite releases of the year and a must get to any self respected Metaller.

Julián Núñez

Julián Núñez

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