Hail Occult Masters
(Hells Headbangers Records)

The BESTIAL MOCKERY & KARNARIUM sects have joined forces on this slab of uncompromising rawness and alcohol-fueled aggression as a taster of their upcoming albums (KARNARIUM just released theirs I think) but I’m afraid this split EP is worth to get just because of the BESTIAL MOCKERY songs. There is not much words needed to describe what you can expect from Swedish fiends BESTIAL MOCKERY. To put it plain and simple this is just another (over)dose of their filthy VENOM-like Black/Death Metal that breaths old school from all their pores. The KARNARIUM side left a bittersweet sensation given their poor contribution to the release. After a boring intro their only song kicks in showing us that they could have done better than just slow/fast mediocre Death Metal riffing. The overall production of the track does not even help and makes us recall the thin fine line between sounding raw or sounding like pure shit. I’m pretty sure this is a letdown compared to their other releases I’ve already heard. If you wanna get this contact Hellsheadbangers at:

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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