The Key To A Black Heart
(F.D.A. Records)

After the recently reviewed BLOOD MORTIZED EP "Bestial" I was anticipating a second full-length album from this Swedish Death Metal horde and the time has come to shed some blood again! Now there aren’t any major changes or big leeways into the territories unknown, BLOOD MORTIZED simply embodies desription traditional Swedish Death Metal! You obviously know the sound, you even heard most of the riffs in some slightly different order on other albums by other bands, but even then it’s not easy to pinpoint or compare BLOOD MORTIZED to some specific band. They take their influences from a wide range of their coutrymen and mold their own songs which I appreciate more and more with every listen. Starting from fast and furious ‘Unleashing The Hounds’ (with an obvious UNLEASHED touch) they veer into mid-paced ‘The Heretic Possesion’ and drag you even deeper underground with heavy monolithic riffs and deadly catchy chorus of ‘Only Blood Can Tell’ guaranteed to make you sing along! It’s not a ground shattering material for sure, but BLOOD MORTIZED have a real knack to write simple, catchy and headbanging songs for all old school Dods Metal maniacs to appreciate while downing beers and reminiscencing of glorious past times. It also helps if you happen to like FURBOWL, EVOCATION, EDGE OF SANITY or UNLEASHED. I couldn’t exactly explain why I like them so much, maybe it’s the fact that they don’t sound like a copycat copy of just one or two bands (but maybe 3 or 4 , haha) and the mid-paced gallop with slight variations and simple but effective guitar work with low deadly vocals do the trick. There are a couple of tracks from "Bestial" EP namely ‘Rekviem’ (killer song!) and another of my favourite – ‘Shadow Of The Quarter Sun’, plus 8 brand new songs without a filler in sight, so I would say go and get the damn fucker if you like high quality Swedeath Metal done with conviction and rihght attitude!,

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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