Dead Blood Madness
(Disembodied Records)

Death Metal bands need to take notes from Buenos Aires bred BLOODFIEND. Number one rule: kick ass from beginning to end. Do not experiment excessively. No unnecessary samples of talking in the mix. No pianos. No nonsense between tracks. I’m all for thinking outside the box in most cases. But in this style of Death Metal, familiarity is the key… but drop-kick us in the face while doing so. Do it right and do it well. BLOODFIEND’s second full-length "Dead Blood Madness" delivers a consistent, aggressive serving of pure Death Metal. The opening track ‘Prophet Of Sickness’ points the listener exactly where the band is taking them. Riveting guitars and blood-choked vocals rip and tear through our flesh like a maddened prophet. ‘Back To The Grave’ sucker-punches us right in the teeth at blasting speeds. The third track ‘Putrified Drfters’ marches through our eardrums with a ferocity not unlike a barbarian horde. And guess what? Like the previous tracks, ‘Chased By The Dead’ bursts through our brains, never letting up. ‘Stench Of Crematory’ sounds similar to the prior track, but it’s not a bad thing. I can describe the next four tracks. But there’s really no need. It’s more of the chugging, blistering Death Metal the band delivered the first half of the album. Just take my word for it. It’s Metal the way we demand it. The final track ‘Rage War’ is a CIANIDE cover which will keep moshers on their feet and knocking others off theirs. You want Death Metal? You got it with "Dead Blood Madness". For more information, check out,

David Simonton

David Simonton

BLOODFIEND - Evil Mass Of Putrid Decay (Randolph Whateley)

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