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Fuck the objectivity on this one! I’m a fan of these Scottish sickos and after a couple splits and demos, finally time has come for a debut full length from BONESAW! Having Sid Brew (guitars) from now defunct Death Metal schizoids KORPSE in their ranks was another factor which stired my interest towards this band and they fuckin’ blew my mind. Basically, one can sum up BONESAW in three words – ugly, raw and twisted! And it’s Death fuckin Metal! With some Punk and Doom riffs thrown in so that you, short attention span cunts, wouldn’t get bored too quickly. Drawing influences from AUTOPSY, ABSCESS, G.G. ALLIN, DISCHARGE and even aforementioned KORPSE, this beast ploughs through your ears like rogue psychopath on rampage. Songtitles like ‘Kill Fuck And Eat’, ‘Zombified’, ‘Psychoward Fuckfest’ speak for themselves, no country ballads here, just balls-tearing, skull-smashing, bone-crushing, gut-wrenching Death Metal with weird little twists here and there, making unique BONESAW style. Just listen to ‘Granite Hell’ to see what I mean. Slow, punishing start gives an impression of dark, damp place where people are skinned and killed ruthlessly, and then – bang – full-on fast, unrelenting attack in the vein of rotten AUTOPSY worship, fuckin priceless!! The sound is dirty and filthy, but clear enough to discern between all instruments, not like some noisy mush or overpolished turd. This is highly recommended for Death Metal freaks looking for a killer dose of sonic filth! BUY OR DIE!!!,

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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