Shadows Of Fear

Here it is: the debut album of North Germany’s old school freaks BRANDED SKIN. The opener, ‘Perverted Sanity’, isn’t quite as catchy as I had expected but it definitely grows. Maybe ‘The Secret’, one of my faves (check out ‘Lesson In Blood’ as well) might have made it a little bit easier. The band sounds less like BOLT THROWER nowadays and adds some brutal Swedish spice instead. Sounds more original this way. Not so much on the safe side but a good decision if you ask me. The fairly straight but highly effective drumming forces you into the songs and singer Alex obviously worked on his vocals quite a bit. Really talented guy. BRANDED SKIN manage to keep me going over a complete full length – something even quite a few of the more established bands don’t do. So get your fix of old school Death Metal quick and if you run a dedicated underground label: get in touch with the guys!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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