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A couple of years ago a good friend of mine described this act as the German BURZUM. If it comes to “Hoffnungslos” this description isn’t totally suitable even if the basic elements of the Count’s heritage could still be found. BROCKEN MOON has been founded in 1999 and their back catalogue is showing several demos – re-released in 2009 under the wings of their 10 years celebration – before they signed a record deal with Christhunt and later on Northern Silence Productions. With their third full release the band is aiming for a closer connection of their hypnotic ambient side and their Black Metal roots. And songs like ‘Krieg’ or the title track with a strong hookline are definitely material which stays in your ear after listening to the tracks for the first time. But the majority of the material is nothing but nice keyboard injected Black Metal right between the old Norwegian mountains and the traditional German oak – means that I can’t get rid of the impression of listening to such music soooo many times that the origin of the band seems to be the least important fact. In the end BROCKEN MOON has recorded a solid album but with the playing time of less than 40 minutes the release is simply lacking of the required amount of essential material. For further information please check following sites:,
Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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