Dayglo Necros
(Spookshow Records)

The fourth CALABRESE full length "Dayglo Necros" is another prove for the band’s amazing songwriting skills! I honestly had serious doubts if they would ever be able to deliver a worthy follow-up to "They Call Us Death" since that album was close to perfection to me already, but after several "Dayglo Necros" listening sessions I came to the conclusion that all of the 13 new tracks are of a similar (if not better) quality as well! At first I had to get used to the slightly changed production a little bit though, since the bass seems to be a lot more upfront now, which means all instruments are perfectly balanced and equally audible in the mix and that results in an overall even more punching, live kinda sound. All of a sudden I also noticed a shitload of very cool drum parts and basslines, instead of just following the obvious, and usually more dominant guitar riffs and vocal melodies. Apart from that, the typical CALABRESE songwriting hasn’t really changed much and they just continue to deliver what they do best for years already: tons of catchy (not cheesy) hooklines and great melodies go hand in hand with mainly pretty fast Horror Punk… and all that within a short and to-the-point playing time of 2 – 3 1/2 minutes for each song. If you listen a bit closer though, a lot of fresh details are to be discovered in the new songs as well and even though it’s just little bits and pieces here and there, it’s exactly those elements that add a lot more variety to the album as a whole. So the band’s latest statement "We’re not the next MISFITS, were the first CALABRESE!" definitely sums it up pretty good already. Considering how much "hit potential" is to be found on each CALABRESE album, it’s more than obvious that these guys already stepped out of that overmighty shadow a long time ago and continue to deliver their own version of first class Horror Punk. Make sure to check out sound samples of all of the new songs at this location. For all further info and ordering details go to or follow the band on Facebook

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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