Planet Chaos
(Great Dane Records)

CARCARIASS comes from Carcharodon Carcharias, the Greek name of the Great White Shark. And it is also the moniker chosen by this French band since 1991. This is their fifth album, and having heard the band since their first album, I must say that without doubt, this is their best material to date. Their style is Death Metal, with a deep sense of melody in their compositions, a magnificient musicianship, subtle progressive touches here and there, as well as more traditional Heavy Metal influences, all surrounded by a quite dark, mystical aura in their music. The lyrical concept has a subtle touch of high-technology and sci-fi horror. Also, a mention should be made that at least half of the songs here are instrumental, something they have been doing since their last albums. To make some reference, the band at times reminds me of early SUPURATION (“The Cube”), KRYPT OF KERBEROS (“World Of Myths”) with touches of NOCTURNUS (“The Key”) and some early CHULDREN OF BODOM (“Something Wild”). DEATH (“Human”) and CARCASS (“Heartwork”) can also be used for reference. Their overall sound is similar to a darker DECEASED (from their last albums) and also Mexican AGONY LORDS (the band’s soon to be released new album is nothing short of a dark masterpiece) is not that far away in that same style. But then again, the band has a very unique way of performing. I am not a big fan of technical or progressive music per-se as sometimes bands that are trying to incorporate such ideas fail, but in this case, these French people are masters. Just subtle touches, and although they do have melody in their songs, it is that kind of somber and sad melody, which maybe can be related to some melodic Black Metal bands. And when the vocals are used they are also very good, not the usual deep low growls or senseless shrieks, they are more along the lines of melodic Black / Death bands. All this together, create a monster of an album. “Ultimate Escape” has killer songs with a somber yet aggressive sound that only the mastery of time can give. I have a certain feeling that this album has some sort of concept behind. When they use their more Heavy Metal influences, they adapt them so well to the style that it flows like protons in the universe. And although some songs are more in the mid-tempo area, they are very clever when using faster speed and not sounding generic at all. This is the kind of album that grows on you, and even fans of more evil / brutal Metal will surely enjoy the dark aura the band is able to create. A killer release that should be given more exposure as bands like this are surely jewels not to be missed.,

Julián “High Speed Fury” Núñez

Julián "High Speed Fury" Núñez

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