Issue # 1
(48 pages, A5, printed, in English)

The name alone – CONSUMED BY DARKNESS – made my pants wet : -) I guess not even the guys behind MACABRE END / GOD MACABRE recognize what a huge impression they made to the Death Metal underground. CONSUMED BY DARKNESS is a fanzine dedicated to the old school Death Metal scene, fitting perfect to the current old school interest. When I first heard about the creation of this fanzine I expected another huge publication like e. g. ‘Encyclopedia Of Svensk Döds Metal’ but it’s not as tremendous as this mag, nevertheless totally interesting to read. It features on 48 A5-pages 3 interviews and many reviews and a few articles. These 3 interviews are done with EXHUMED / MORPHEUS, FURBOWL and CRYPT OF KERBEROS. All 3 are very detailed, long and interesting and are not the average type of interviews. A pity that only 3 interviews are included here, but the quality of them let’s hope for more goodies in # 2. The reviews are great, too, a little strange though as the guy reviews mostly old demos and records of which some are not available anymore (e. g NIHILIST – "Only Shreds Remain", ABHORRENCE – "Pestilential Mists" 7"EP, VOMITORY – "Through Sepulchral Shadows" or DEPRAVITY – "Remasquerade" 7"EP). This doesn’t mean that the reviews are not interesting; I’d say they are not the average type of reviews where you can recognize that the editor got a release for free and has to write something about it. I wonder if this changes in # 2 as the guys wrote a "magnificent" sentence at the end of the fanzine: "Labels and bands interested in getting your stuff reviewed, send your promo package" – guys, are you aware of what you started with that? Anyway, the 2 guys who are responsible for this fanzine are both persons involved in the Death Metal underground since the early 90s so they know what they are talking about. CONSUMED BY DARKNESS is available for 3 € plus postage and as a free download here! For those who download it, please recognize that the expenses are not covered and no one will earn money with writing a fanzine. So if you like what you read please spend your money to buy the original printed version of it to support the work of these guys. Fanzines are an important part of the underground movement and I support each person who spends his / her time to edit such a publication to support bands not featured in the common magazines. And CONSUMED BY DARKNESS is a high quality fanzine with great layout and great features in it. Support it. Check out or Issue # 2 is already in its preparation, watch out for features with UNLEASHED, EDGE OF SANITY, MORDICUS, EXCRUCIATE , ABHOTH / GOD MACABRE / UTUMNO, SUFFER / NOMINON, HETSHEADS and SORORICIDE among others.

Thomas Ehrmann

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