Fuck The Trinity
(Trauma Records)

When, as in this case, a debut EP is released by three different labels (besides Trauma Records Mexico based Iron, Blood and Death Corporation and a tape version by FUKK Records) there must be something cooking. And without a doubt DEATHFUCKER are a must-have for every fan of raw Black / Thrash Metal. After a short monk chant the trio from Italy unleashes hell on earth for a quarter of an hour. While there are countless bands traveling the path of raw Black / Thrash Metal DEATHFUCKER have three points on the plus side of the ledger. First the outstanding guitar work, which is well-balanced between aggressive attack mode and melodic parts and solos. Maybe I am totally wrong, but it seems the work of Frank Blackfire during his KREATOR and SODOM times is a huge influence. The second major plus is the vocal performance. Aggressive shouting, a little bit pressed, but with small variations here and there. Far away from typical singing, but more varied than most other Thrash Metal shouters. Last up we have the sound, clear and forceful but at the same time still organic and down to earth. Especially the drums are given space to unfold their dynamic interpretation of the verb "to thrash". All in all do not hesitate and visit or get in contact with the label via

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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