Devil's Fist
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)

Well, there’s no mistaking DEATHFUCKER’s name with a genre other than Metal. I guarantee they’ll be no one looking for a dub-step album. And just like their name, the boys from Italy don’t beat around the bush when it comes to delivering a Thrash / Death EP set to throttle your bones. To be honest, the first track (after the intro) ‘Eye For An Eye’ sounds like any other band in the genre, not really standing out with its simplicity and production. But then, with ‘Hell’s Veangance’ (yes, this is how it’s spelled), Insulter, Pest and J.K. let loose with a fast-paced Thrashfest that springs forward with an energy that will get you off your feet almost immediately. The vocals have a little MONGREL’S CROSS or ASPHYX feel to them… sort of a raspy, parched style that fits the music perfectly. ‘Devil’s Fist’ is a genuine pure Thrash song with its vibrating, gurgling guitars and furious drumming. Again, it doesn’t really offer anything new, yet it satisfies our need to smash into things. The final track ‘Total’ Devotion’ has blaring, then chugging guitars as Insulter screams from what seems half a block away while still blistering our ears. "Devil’s Fist" is sort of a safe array of tracks while at the same time delivering the goods. If you crave around 20 minutes of solid Metal without any silly experimentation mixed in, maybe give it a listen. Hopefully there’ll be a full-length on the way to show us what this band’s really made of. For more info, check out,

David Simonton

David Simonton

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