Divine Blasphemies
(Iron Pegasus Records)

With all respect to the undeniable qualities of former DESASTER vocalist Okkulto, who always did a great job of course – the energy set free by new frontman Sataniac is maybe what the band was still lacking in in the past. Sataniac not only comes across totally possessed sounding, but also incredibly powerful and aggressive, yet always in the old school vein and therefore perfectly fits into the thrashing Death Metal style of Infernal, Odin and Tormentor! Apart from that “Divine Blasphemies”, the fourth regular full length (not counting the “Stormbringer” mini CD or the vinyl compilation “Ten Years Of Desaster” here), turned out very typical for the band, which means you still recognize their unique brand of raw Thrash infected insanity, with a variety ranging from early VENOM to KREATOR and the likes, but always unique enough not to be labeled as a cheap retro copycat kinda thing. KREATOR’s Mille even guests on the track ‘Nighthawk’, which not only was a cool idea in its own way, the result even ended up becoming one of the finest Thrash duets ever to be recorded! But the rest of the album is by no means overshadowed by that particular song – the whole material is of a similar high quality and the opening tune ‘Divine Blasphemies’ probably the most intense track the guys ever composed in their entire history so far! So, no need to worry – this album is certainly as great as DESASTER’s previous outbursts, if not even stronger and highly recommended to the true, loyal old school legions around the globe! Should be available from every good mailorder or directly from the label. Contact:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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