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Even though they got signed by Metal Blade now, the Hellbangers Moselfranken league DESASTER still stayed true to their roots on their fifth full length album. As expected the production is raw and intense and definitely delivers the typical 80s DESASTER Thrash flair. The band simply re-used all of their typical trademarks which they already built up from the very beginning. From the middle age type of melodies to the deadly bangers you’re about to re-discover every element, which is already known from their past releases. In my opinion the vocals of Sataniac are just a bit too upfront in the mix. But they’re definitely extreme, so that there’s for sure real DESASTER brutality to discover. Lovers and nostalgics of real underground classics will certainly appreciate the artwork by Chris Moyen, so all in all DESASTER still deliver real underground Metal art in a quality way. I nevertheless don’t think that it’s easy to promote a band like them through a big label, cause this music is for dedicated freaks exclusively and definitely not for the masses. But at least Metal Blade had the balls to release this album, which is a total trendkiller, crushing everything that is easy to be sold at the moment!!! Honest music from an honest band – respect!!!

Ralf Hauber

Ralf Hauber

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