Tyrants Of The Netherworld
(Iron Pegasus Records)

I was quite surprised to see that DESASTER left Merciless Records and that Costa (editor of mighty Tales Of The Macabre zine) released their new album on his own label Iron Pegasus Records. After an intro the opener ‘Nekropolis Karthago’ starts like one of these typical fast Black Metal tracks and I wasn’t very pleased. But after a short while DESASTER shows us that you can’t call them Black Metal anymore, they found their very own style on this third full-length. In my humble opinion “Tyrants Of The Netherworld” is the strongest DESASTER effort so far. There are only a few Black Metal hints left these days, in the opening track and the titletrack. “Tyrants Of The Netherworld” is nothing but a fucking cool Thrash album. I always prefered the DESASTER Thrash Metal songs and was never into their more Black Metal stuff. They had their strongest moments when they played in a more ‘thrashier’ way. I really appreciate that development. “Tyrants Of The Netherworld” reminds me in a very positive way of the old German Speed and Thrash Metal heroes which ruled the eighties. And there’s also a strong touch of old SLAYER. “Tyrants Of The Netherworld” has a very similar feeling like the classics “Show No Mercy” and “Haunting The Chapel”. But I don’t mean that these Metalheads from Koblenz sound like one of these ‘retro-clones’. Absolutely not, DESASTER reanimates the old feeling and atmosphere without stealing the well known old riffs and song structures. They just play that old-fashioned style in a very refreshing way. Forget about the lame DESTRUCTION reunion, if you wanna listen to some good ol’ German Thrash Metal check out these tyrants of the netherworld. My fave songs are ‘Profanation’ and ‘Call On The Beast’. Thumbs up and thrash em all…



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