King Of Kings / Lord Of The Wild

Hot on the heels of "Phoenix Rising" comes a new 2 tracker EP from DESTROYER 666. Boasting a production similar to that of "Unchain The Wolves", this is something of a step back in some ways. The sound is heavy and very, very raw and the whole thing reminds me a little of "Persecution Mania" for some reason! Track two, ‘Lord Of The Wild’ is in keeping with the classic DESTROYER tradition combining ripping riffs with acidic vocals and haunting melodies…There is a small lyrical contribution from Pete Helmkamp of ANGEL CORPSE fame helping the DESTROYER concept of the conqueror along quite nicely. For those of you who might have thought that "Phoenix…" was a little too polished (I certainly didn’t), this EP will sit nicely on your stereo, keeping DESTROYER’s exhalation of raging Black Thrash alive. Beware the cold steel to come – choose your weapons now!

Darragh O’Leary

Darragh O'Leary

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