Deliverance (The Prophecy Of The Poisoner)
(Fallen Temple)

I find it funny, the type of reviews I receive, and how much the music can change from point to point. How the dynamics can change so much from band to band. The last review I did was of a band that was really progressive in nature and with plenty of technical flourishes, almost happy-sounding in a way. So now I’m presented with a band that’s completely in a whole different spectrum and just genuinely different in its sound and dynamics. So here, I present to you dear readers DEVASTED GRAVES. Hailing from deep within the bowels of Poland and containing members of MORDHELL and MORBID WINDS, their sound is dark and vile and such an antithesis of the aforementioned band / review. When I describe their sound I genuinely feel the band would smile and agree with what I tell of them. Listening to this release you can get a sense of a more blackened AUTOPSY, very early SEPULTURA and SARCAFAGO but darker, more spontaneous in its evil dramatic voice. Now what I am about to say is in no way a bad thing, but it seems the guys got together in their garage with a 12-pack of beer and just let the dark energy exude from them and just had fun with it (mind you this music is nowhere “fun” in nature). The sound is pure lo-fi blackened Death Metal. So with me telling you what they sound like, you already can guess the production fits the mood, and there is no happy warm sound happening here. It is all cacophony of deathly noise. The bass is upfront and plays a big part in the sound and interlocks nicely along with the drums, which pummel along to match the overall tone. I will say also the guitars seem slightly muted in the mix. If you are familiar with MORDHELL they are (obviously) very similar in sound, but vocalist The Great Nocturnal Prophet has more of a deeper, darker roar that goes along with the more Death Metal – like tone. I think ARCHGOAT fans will find things to latch onto as well. So no reinventing the wheel here and at a touch over 20 minutes I don’t think you can find the time to complain about the lack of musical innovation. Just sit back and enjoy this Death’n’Roll rager.

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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