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Since I first discovered the Californian band DIPYGUS some time ago, I fell completely in love with their sound. They have two previous albums, “Deathooze” and “Bushmeat,” which are both impressive works. However, when it comes to their new album, I can only say it’s awesome! This is not Death Metal for the faint of heart or newcomers; it offers a convoluted, dirty and dark sound devoid of beautiful melodies. In fact, the songs are quite anarchic, making it challenging to acquire a taste for their complexity. Nevertheless, after a period of adaptation, one surrenders to their unique sound. To provide you with an idea of the wall of sound they evoke in my mind, think of BOLT THROWER in “In The Battle…,” AUTOPSY in “Meatshit” and ABSCESS. The female singer, Clarisa, is a cornerstone with her cavernous voice, showcasing excellent vocal registers and variations within the genre. The lyrics delve into intriguing themes like ‘Rat Lung-Worm’ and ‘Bug Sounds II (Megascolides Australis)’, heavily rooted in biology but always with a social backdrop and a somewhat macabre focus. I appreciate the inclusion of slow passages and synthesizers with retro sounds, which add to the success of creating strange and dark atmospheres. If you seek old Death Metal – dirty, dissonant, twisted, occasionally dark and slow – then this album is for you. It stands apart from the new old school Death Metal that often imitates the ENTOMBED / CARNAGE sound a thousand times over. www.facebook.com/dipygus-1626333840945573, www.facebook.com/memento.mori.label

Oscar “evilcore666” Vazquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez

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