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What stood out with this 6-track EP is that, compared to their two full-lengths "Doomscope” and "Dystopics”, it all sounds more accessible (not that these two were inaudible!). The clean production makes it all more balanced and reveals even the smallest detail. It reminded of CADAVER ("…In Pains”) which was a complete different chapter than its prior release. Not that it’s the same case here, but I miss some of the former rawness. Fortunately it’s still heavy enough for the impact of the blasts. The bass comes out so distinguished that it sounds like a chello in ‘Hermit Dream’ (no info about the recording, sorry). The solos are scarse but at the perfect spot again and again. Furthermore, many of the riffs from guitarist Håvard Østli are still as catchy and weird at the same time, so in this the band stays unaltered. Even though DISKORD throttles down than before on "Oscillations”, the drums of vocalist Hans Jørgen are energetic and dominant. These dynamics can produce some special moments, like in the impressive ‘Symbiotic Whims’. This release also seems to make more sense with every spin having tracks like ‘Lethargic Regression’ become addictive. Like this EP or not… but bands who explore their genre in this way, without needing the lable "progressive” (in other words: superfluous techno show off shit or jazzy whimpy garbage) earn my respect and deserves everyone’s support! For more info check www.diskord.net, www.facebook.com/pages/diskord/6342268411, www.hellthrasher.com

Michael Tak

Michael Tak

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