Issue # 2
(36 pages, A4, printed, in German)

It’s good to see that there are more and more fanzines popping up recently. The even better thing is that many of them are dealing completely or to some extent with old school Death Metal. One of them is the German written FROM BEYOND… THE GLOOM. This fanzine is available with its 2nd issue for a few weeks now. Printed on A4, strangely in landscape format and presented in a nice, but little clinical layout. The layout is everything else than the quite common cut & paste style, offers just plain but nice arranged text, a few pictures and little advertising. The more attractive topic are the interviews featured here of some nice and lovely bands of certain genres: Death Metal (HATESPAWN, DROWNED, BLISS OF FLESH, KAAMOS, NECROS), Black Metal (ANAEL) and Doom Metal (THE BOTTLE DOOM LAZY BAND, HOODED MENACE, CENTURIONS GHOST). The interviews are very interesting and offer not the usual type of questions and especially the ones with KAAMOS, HATESPAWN and DROWNED were damned interesting. Have to admit, that those are the bands I’m the most interested in featured inside this 2nd issue. Only 10 reviews are featured here and they don’t cover current releases. I think you can consider those reviews more as some kind of recommendations from the editor. Take for instance the review of BLACK WIDOW’s "Sacrifice" album, an album which is already 40 years old. Philipp, the editor, told me that there’s no plan to increase the quantity of the reviews drastically as the main focus should be on the interviews. I think that’s a good decision and the interviews here are pretty good to build on. If you are interested in reading printed fanzines I can recommend this issue to you. It won’t keep you busy reading for a long time, but what’s offered is truly entertaining and interesting. Available for 4 €. Get in touch with Philipp for ordering information through

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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