Death Transmutation
(NWN! Productions)

I have been following IGNIVOMOUS since their killer “Path Of Attrition” demo and this Aussie force has never failed to impress me so far. Since then, they have released two 7”es namely “Eroded Void Of Salvation” and “The Burning Equinox” (split with TZUN TZU) which are totally worth it. I have been anticipating IGNIVOMOUS’ debut for some time already since their high quality releases made me expect a killer strike in full-length format. The wait was totally worth it since IGNIVOMOUS managed to come up with a real crusher that will let every Death Metal maniac rejoice. For those unaware, IGNIVOMOUS plays brutal Death Metal of the darkest form, which means that they embrace the feeling that old masters like INCANTATION (especially), IMMOLATION and their likes, but without copying them or whatever. “Death Transmutation” is without a doubt their strongest release to date and the album that will establish them as one of the top, contemporary Death Metal acts although for me they managed to do it with their previous releases already. What I really like with IGNIVOMOUS is that they manage to keep my attention with every song of theirs, totally cool riffs, a killer voice and overall devastating rhythm section. The overall production is just perfect for their style since it boosts the band’s feeling and sound. This is Death Metal not for the faint-hearted, but for those who seriously understand what this kind of music is all about. www.myspace.com/ignivomousmetal

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

IGNIVOMOUS interviews:

IGNIVOMOUS - by Jason Campbell

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