Invocation Of The Fleshless

The quality of the German Death Metal releases is increasing day by day and one of the recently strongest releases out of Germany is the demo “Invocation Of The Fleshless” from INVOCATION. The band offer highest quality Death Metal with a strong MORBID ANGEL influence back to their glory days when “Blessed Are The Sick” was released. If “Invocation Of The Fleshless” would have been released in 1990-92 this would be a sensation, in 2009 it’s just a fantastic demo, one of the best lately. Each fan of MORBID ANGEL will love this 4 song demo (+ intro) and no one will complain about the fact that INVOCATION’s music style is not original at all. They sound a lot like MORBID ANGEL, once again, and I can’t say that this bothers me at all. I can only give the advice to all of you Death Metal maniacs out there to check out this demo to get your own picture. The demo is available for free – find the downloadlink at – and be sure to get blown away.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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