Sulphur Skies
(Vic Records)

It’s the clash of the Titans, Death Metal style! The meeting of two legends! MASTERmind Paul Speckmann teamed up with Rogga Johansson, the man who never sleeps. With Paul singing and Rogga playing bass and guitar, there was also someone left to smash the drums. Brynjar Helgetun, another guy who never seems to rest, is in charge of them and the mixing and mastering as well. What is to expect when such heavyweights of Death Metal join forces for a collaboration? Everything and nothing, I should say. I decided to expect nothing and received everything. "Sulphur Skies" is an excellent album, made for Pauls style of singing, fueled by Roggas somehow still Swedish riffing and Brynjars D-Beat drumming. From the opener ‘Everyone Rots’, every second of the twelve songs delivers pure anger, the fuel that runs this machine, forging a hammer that hits the nail right on the head. Paul’s lyrics, always aware of the situation of the world in general and the US in particular, add to the Crustcore feeling, that makes the album so special and outstanding. Be it ‘Rotten Lands’ or ‘Vile Stench And Decay’, ‘The World Is Set To Burn’ or ‘The Real Victims’, every song should hit those high and mighty right between the eyes. I listened to the album every day for a week now and it still bangs my fuckin’ head. "Sulphur Skies" forges the links between simple, yet raw Death Metal and the Crustcore- and D-Beat-attitude and therefore fully hits my nerve, not only musically. Maybe it is even my personal album of the year, at least it’s my absolute fave of the moment. There’s no fuckin’ reason not to get this album, so you should immediately go to: or

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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