Face The Madness
(Mighty Music)

There’s certainly a lot of trash among Thrash Metal flooding the cyberspace, but for those who are not lazy to dig deeper, some dedicated YouTube channels provide endless stream of new releases to check out for free. KILLING from Denmark will hardly shake the world of Thrash and reach millons of streams, but on their debut album “Face The Madness” they don’t give a shit about competition and come out with full cylinders firing. The sound is meaty and clean, but not overproduced, the rhythm section sounds tight as fuck, although it lacks a bit of a crunch in the guitars department, some more bite would make things rawer for sure. The songs are energetic and always engaging with enough changes to keep you interested and headbanging! KILLING obviously find inspiration in the golden era of Thrash Metal and masterfully weave their DESTRUCTION, KREATOR, ANNIHILATOR and ANTHRAX influences into their own compositions. It’s a no frills, straightforward, sometimes a bit cheesy, but well performed album, so go grab it, open a beer and start headbanging, killing that fuckin beer! Band info:, label:

Mindaugas “Plix” Lapinskas

Mindaugas "Plix" Lapinskas

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