Of Klynt And Man

Spring in the favorable year 2008. Some blokes from Gras, Austria, hung out together and got an idea to combine their musical ideas into one package. KLYNT was ready for a serious first strike; a heavy sounding 5-piece Metal act, in which influences from Thrash, Death, Power and Heavy Metal are amalgamated in a pretty original yet unique way. In 2011 the band got their first 4-track demo-CD titled "Epic As Fuck" recorded pretty soon that was directed toward the Austrian Metal scene at that time, as some sort of statement from the KLYNT members. In the beginning of 2012, KLYNT’s debut full-length studio outing "Of Klynt And Man" hit the streets, this 10-track effort including also 3 out of the 4 songs that appeared on their 2011 demo. What KLYNT’s stuff basically is, it’s actually kinda hard to pinpoint any specific style they do. It’s a mix of many Metal styles really; bits of this and bits of that. What is a striking observation about their stuff though, 98,7% they only use either slow or mid-tempos through their songs that are wrapped up with many good and catchy melodies. The use of acoustic guitar parts is another thing that caught my attention; they do use quite a lot of them within the songs, probably preparing listeners for their heavy and groovy Metal attacks to come. For the most part, the songs sound good and all that, but a couple of a bit faster parts would harm their stuff either, I think. Vocalist Sir Dadukles Prime is perhaps the most impressive character out of the KLYNT team, having a pretty diverse vocal range. He can basically do everything from occasional Death Metal grunts to Matt Barlow type of melodramatic vocal lines, sort of adding that needed extra spice into the band’s material. KLYNT sound a modern Metal band, and undoubtedly they are still on this way to get their name more established in the realm of Metal world. In the meantime, sneak more about KLYNT at: www.klyntemall.com

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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