In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions
(Bones Brigade Records)

Honestly spoken I think I’ve never been happier about the length of a release that’s to be reviewed than I’ve been with this new MCD by Dutch ultra brutal Gore Grind sickheads LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY. Of course the fun-factor of this release is incredible high with this ridiculous toilet gurgles and the hectic, epileptic drumming that sounds like METALLICA’s "S(hi)t. Anger" played on tenfold increased speed. The drummer blasts like a total psycho, the guitars mumble pretty much like MORTICIAN’s and the songs are linked by the typical horror, serial killer intros you’ve heard a million times. Stylistically I think such releases have the same level of sense as recording my own farts, but this kind of music, and "In Advanced…" is no exception, is surely something that makes you laugh and embellishes the day. This is definitely a cure against any kind of depression…

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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