The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces
(Bones Brigade Records)

I gotta confess that I absolutely don’t get this type of "music"… and as nobody else of the Voices staff was interested in taking care of this review either, I suppose we can keep it short (as opposed to completely ignore it). This is not exactly a new LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY album, but a 27 track live record, packaged in the usual, extremely tasteless manner. Musically you’re about to experience the most extreme Goregrind there probably is, which means that all those of you who already can’t stand a mixture of early CARCASS / NAPALM DEATH and new brutal gory US type Death Metal in the DISGORGE vein, should obviously avoid this by all means. Yes, it’s as sick as that and maybe even beyond! I have no idea which of the band’s "tracks" (if you can actually really name tunes of approx. 1 – 2 minutes playing time that way) might be fan favorites, nor if there’s any "classic" missing in the impressive setlist, but you will most certainly find that out for yourselves if you’re a worshipper of the sickest of the sick. The sound quality is pretty good actually (for a Goregrind live album that is, of course…), but I was still bloody chuffed when the thirty-three minutes where finally over (yeah, I am a wimp!). Label contact:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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