Al Intihar
(Goressimo Records)

If I am not wrong this is the very first band I have ever heard from Algeria… a place where with the little info most of us get will think Heavy Metal in any of its forms might as well carry the death penalty. Then, to have a brutal Death Metal band with slight Black Metal touches comes as a big surprise. More so if this debut MCD has an actually pretty good sound and production, as well as pro-tools aside, it also shows a band that has given some time to the rehearsing place. Musically speaking this is more in the brutal American Death Metal way in the vein of DEICIDE, VITAL REMAINS and some early MORBID ANGEL. The vomiting vocals show some variety not being low grunts all the time, as sometimes I can even sense some old BEHERIT sounding vocals here and there. And whilst this is mostly played in a fast pace, the band also dares try using some slower tempos, thus probably sounding a bit sloppy at times. Still, for a debut recording, this is way more than I was expecting from that part of the earth. I wouldn’t mind to hear more from this unholy band. It seems that the band plays a cover of MAYHEM’s ‘Freezing Moon’ so it shows their influences are not only in the brutal Death Metal scene, and that is always an evil thing. www.facebook.com/lelahell, goressimorecords@gmail.com

Julián “Emperor” Núñez

Julián “Emperor” Núñez

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