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I have never ever heard of this band before to be honest. Considering the booklet’s design I could sort of guess what kind of music this might be. On this design you can see a burning ship on the sea, two warriors observing its distancing. So what kind of music is this then? Majestic Viking / Black / Death Metal, of course. And this is what MANEGARM present on this output. To be honest I don really appreciate this approach in Metal. Certainly, that has to do with personal taste. I really like ENSLAVED – they maintain a lurking evilness in their music that makes listening to it extremely enjoyable. MANEGARM are very majestic, very melodious, the music was recorded at Studio Underground in Sweden, and the producer really has done a good job! The production is transparent, crystal-clear, very powerful. So that definitely is an advantage of this oeuvre. The music was recorded extremely tight as well – no annoying mistakes in this respect. Concerning the music – as mentioned above, it is very melodious, utterly hymnal. There are violins and other string-instruments used here and there, heroic chants, aggressive phrases, etc., etc. The ordinary ingredients so to speak. I have listened to this kind of music a thousand times already. I can easily renounce and live without this kind of music. As I said, this is my personal taste. This record surely is solid and professional. But for me just one of numerous outputs resembling each other. But everyone who is into the aforementioned style shouldn’t hesitate to get this one. This is solid music – that’s for sure. It just doesn’t correspond to my personal taste – that is all! Contact: /

F. Cthulhu. E.

F. Cthulhu. E.

MANEGARM - Urminnes Havd (Torsten GrĂ¼ndig)
MANEGARM - Vredens Tid (Torsten GrĂ¼ndig )
MANEGARM - Vargaresa - The Beginning (Nhashi)

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