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I didn’t get too much information from the enclosed sheet. Just that this record was originally released on CD in 1991, than re-released as a 7" and now re-released again on CD and 12". So, I visited the website of the band, but there is not really a bio either. What I know in the end is that the band is from Australia and that they serve brutal Death with some Black Metal elements on this 6 song EP. Or as they call it: Satanic Hell Metal, although song number one ‘Slut’ is only an instrumental of 42 seconds. The other songs are straight forward blastbeats without too much technical finesse except some breaks to limber up the songs. The vocals are a mixture of Black Metal screaming and growls. The production is good and the sound the typical old school sound from 1991. So it’s nice to listen to and doesn’t hurt but it is not a must have. If you want to check out or,

Stefan Hagmayer

Stefan Hagmayer

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