Massive Obliteration
(Bleed Records)

This is the debut demo of this young band from France, formed back in 2017, and they have created in just 12 minutes some of the most extreme and intense Death / Grind which recalls the heavy weights of the genre like NAUSEA, TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH at their best days. They also have a good dose of Death Metal with touches of early ENTOMBED, SUFFOCATION, MASTER and why not, early CARCASS. The lyrics deal with everyday life and the social consumption of our existence. And believe me when I tell you that this demo brings back a lot of memories of the early 90s when bands like REPULSION, MACABRE, FILTHY CHRISTIANS and IMPETIGO were gracing the demo-trading days. Yes, there is also a good Hardcore influence, as it was with early Grindcore, yet it is done with such conviction that even those that inspired the band are no longer doing it. Also the production is right on, yes it sounds very good, but with the right amount of rawness. Originally released on a limited tape edition, it is now the time for this killer band to get into the masses and start the obliteration. If they release a full length at less than 25 minutes I would not care more as this release at only 12 minutes has so many killer riffs that many bands with more time doing music cannot reach. Fantastic Grindcore that is timeless. More band info at:, label contact:

Julián “Sacrified” Núñez

Julián "Sacrified" Núñez

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