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This is it! This is the real deal for anyone who still worships the good ol’ Swedish Death Metal from the late 80s / early 90s when ENTOMBED were just about to release "Left Hand Path" through Earache Records, DISMEMBER returned to the scene with the impressive "Reborn In Blasphemy" demo, CARNAGE delivered their massive "Dark Recollections" via Necrosis and GRAVE debuted with their excellent "Tremedous Pain" 7"EP on Century Media. Yeah, those were the times indeed until a Tsunami-like Black Metal wave washed it all away unfortunately. It took this movement quite a few years to regain its strength and even though EVOCATION recently gained a lot of attention with their awesome comeback overhere, it was young old school bands like KAAMOS and REPUGNANT that got the ball rollin’ again a couple of years before them already. Now it’s up to Sweden’s latest sensation MIASMAL to fill the gap that the split-up of those two bands has left behind… and the quite big size of those shoes already seem to fit them perfectly! Their debut demo features 4 songs of the finest old school SweDeath you could imagine. From the typical d-beat, to the shredding guitarsound, the morbid melodies (sometimes even with a couple classic MOTÖRHEAD-inpired overtones) to the cool grunted vocals this little cassette (yep, it was even released the classic way!) offers everything a fan of good old Sunlight sounds was always craving for. Almost unbelievable that the four members have not been active in any better known acts before already and are only playing together since 2007! They also sent me a killer cover of ENTOMBED’s ‘Serpent Speech’ (from 1993’s "Hollowman" EP), which unfortunately isn’t included on the tape, yet underlines their qualities even more! I bet my old ass that a record deal is only a matter of time here! Get this great (pro-printed) demo at any cost from www.detestrecords.com. But you better hurry up as it’s limited to 200 copies only! More info on the band and sound samples can be found here: www.myspace.com/miasmalband

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

MIASMAL - Tides Of Omniscience (Carsten Lomme)
MIASMAL - Miasmal (Lem Lycurgus)
MIASMAL - Cursed Redeemer (Julian "Whisky Train" Nuñez)
MIASMAL - Miasmal (Anders Peter Jørgensen)
MIASMAL - interview (Steven Willems)

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