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MORDBRAND are back! The band that released my last year’s personal favourite record (the "Kolumbarium" 7") has released new stuff for us! Again it is not a full album, but a 12" EP called "Unmake" that features three new songs and a bonus in the form of a special cover tune. And again they offer finest Swedish Death Metal stuff. The opener ‘Spew Forth Anti Life’ is, fitting to the title, a firebomb full of hate with some reminiscences of Swedish D-Beat Crustcore in the drumming. Then ‘The Swallowing Of Swarms’ starts in uptempo and blasts out some slower grinding sequences as well, before some very cool harmonies at the end close the song in a fitting manner. Song number three is my personal highlight here: ‘Initiate Extinction Sequence’ starts in a brutal grooving midtempo speed before loads of slowly grinding and groovy parts in the vein of the latest 7" take command. Love that song, especially for the harmonic parts in the end. The promised special bonus is a quite unexpected cover tune. MORDBRAND prove their fine taste and present us their own brilliant version of ‘War Is Hell’ by Canadian Thrash pioneers EXCITER. Indeed, it is a little hard to recognize the original song, since Björn, Per and Johan added their own ideas to the song, which means it is played in Swedish Death Metal style and spiced with some cool keyboards that add a somehow industrial atmosphere. Very well chosen and very well done! The raw and brutish production fits to the stuff perfectly and it is crowned by another great artwork from Spanish Death Metal art wizard Juanjo Castellano. So many reasons to get this EP… But now it is time for a full album! If you haven’t checked out MORDBRAND yet, do it now and visit the label at or the band at

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

MORDBRAND - Imago (Thomas Meyer)
MORDBRAND - Kolumbarium (Thomas Meyer)
MORDBRAND - interview (Thomas Meyer)

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