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The Swedish Death Metal underground seems to be endless. MORDBRAND (Swedish for ‘Arson’) are around for a few years only, having released two splits (with EVOKE and BOMBS OF HADES) and an EP yet. Now they are here with a second EP, a vinyl 7" this time, which is also available as a download version and features two new tracks. But these two tracks are so sufficient, because "Kolumbarium" is a goddamn fucking killer! The first song ‘Consume Them’ starts off with a midtempo-riff ASPHYX would have been proud of, before MORDBRAND force the pace a little bit, letting the song evolve into a riff-monster with nasty slow grinding guitars. You can only love the doomy central part with its modest instrumentation, before MORDBRAND restart the riff massacre. But that’s all nothing against the flipside ‘Let Them Slumber’… One of the best Death Metal songs I heard in the whole millennium, if not the best… What a riffing!!! Runs you down like a juggernaut or a really remorseless tank. The opening riff reminds me a little of HAIL OF BULLETS, before a simple, yet one of the greatest slow grinding riffs sets in and possesses the mind… This is what I really call torching the whole place. Don’t wait a second longer and check them out at or the label at

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

MORDBRAND - Imago (Thomas Meyer)
MORDBRAND - Unmake (Thomas Meyer)
MORDBRAND - interview (Thomas Meyer)

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