Please Don't Walk On The Mass Graves
(Ván Records)

An absolute melodic distortionless journey into the greenscapes of Ireland. These are some of the best clean vocals of the band. Wonderfully harmonised with the environment and the pace. This is truly an example of a well mixed song, every part of it is a sonic joy, I genuinely neither miss the distortion nor MOURNING BELOVETH’s trademark heaviness. If we were to take this as a stand alone output of the band, it still shines right through. A misty landscape of guitars, gentle low ends coupled with sublime drumming. The band is not hurrying here, they’re painting a beautiful canvas with the shades of grey and blue. As the track reaches the pinnacle of its charm, some background growls are thrown into the mix, which eases into the existing atmosphere. On the whole, this is a wonderful single by MOURNING BELOVETH, one of the most consistent bands in the world. I’d suppose every Metal fan should definitely listen to this, it’ll particularly please the fans of the band and the genre. THE RUINS OF BEVERAST is an interesting project, it takes the soul of the Norwegian scene and adds to it a unique spell of introspection, heaviness and atmosphere. The song is a brilliant descent into your mind while successfully imprinting the pain and torment alongside. A very subtle yet frighteningly effective approach in my opinion. The whole atmosphere is haunting, representing a dull empty field of chaos within. This is a very worthy companion to MOURNING BELOVETH’s part of this split. The constant in the entire track is the dark undertone, the riffs jump across genres and structures. They build upon the atmosphere to elevate the overall sound of the track. Although the vocals stood out when the track kicked in, they effectively cloaked themselves within many layers of the built up atmosphere as the song progressed. This feels like a rare and honest glimpse within and on the whole is an amazing track. Recommended! For more band information, please visit or Get at copy from

Vamsi Kanagovi

Vamsi Kanagovi

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