No Divine Signs
(Base Record Production)

MURDERWORKER are a Death Metal band from Spain and this is just an EP made for opening way to their second full-length album (already in preparation), and it features three tracks, one of them an instrumental. The EP itself looks quite nice, with a digipak cover and a vinyl imitation CD, and suitable horror artwork. You can object that there is nothing new to hear here, as the band plays a very old school mid-tempo Death Metal, with more than a nod to the old Swedish and Finnish bands. However, truth is I was immediately most impressed. Two things hit me particularly: first, the wonderful dual guitar work, not for being any technical or anything, but for delivering really great riffs of really heavy Death Metal to the thumping drums with the exact right distortion; second, the ambiance they managed to create, taking me way back to the early nineties. Everything here evokes those dead times like some morbid necromancer bringing the undead back to action. The production, the vocals, everything is not only old school but also the music is very well written. The intro track starts with a piano and eerie sounds, building the mood, and then when the guitars kick in you know what you’re in for. I just wish there were some leads or solos, but it sounds so good anyway. For lovers of Death the way it used to be made back in the glorious old days, this is a fine addition to your CD shelves… I know it will sit great in mine. I look forward to the album. For more band information visit and get the album from

Ricardo Campos

Ricardo Campos

MURDERWORKER - Where The Screams Becomes Silence (Mirco Szymyslik)

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