Beneath The Hidden
(Rotten To The Core)

MY LAMENT from Belgium introduce themselves to the world with their first three-song demo MCD. Wait, a total playing time of nearly 25min and just three songs? If you suggested Doom Metal, you are right. The band describes their style with words like Dark, Doom and Death, so let’s take a closer look to see if the given description is fitting. Death? The vocalist is grunting, a few parts of spoken words and clear singing are added, but generally the vocals are definitely Death. Doom? The songs are played very slowly, almost no harsh or quick rhythm changing, all is going on very unhasty, everything is adagio and andante, so to say. Dark? Damn sure. Especially the fine melodies that are embedded generate a very dark and dim atmosphere. What makes this release so interesting for me personally is the complete lack of any “modern” kind of elements, like keyboards, female singing and other dispensable gimmicks. It is not that I dislike such modern elements, but I have always respect for bands that just use the classic instrumentation to perform good music. On “Beneath The Hidden” you will discover genuine Death-/Doom Metal, like the early KATATONIA and CATHEDRAL, WINTER or TRISTITIA, to name just a few bands.

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

MY LAMENT - Broken Leaf (Matthias Auch)

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