Issue # 11 vs. CARNAGE Issue # 13
(104 pages, A4, printed, in German)

I don’t think that I will still have to introduce MYSTICAL MUSIC or CARNAGE to longtime fanzine readers anymore as both German zines have been around long enough now to be considered as a steady force in the Death Metal underground. Previously to this first split edition they already put out 10 (MYSTICAL MUSIC) and 12 (CARNAGE) issues on their own. So, the only problem might have been that they concentrate on the German speaking part of the world… But anyway, those of you who are able to understand our silly language will most certainly get a kick out of this one again as it features a whole lot of amazing, in-depth interviews with underground legends such as MASSACRE (Michael Borders), MESSIAH (Brögi), CYNIC (Paul), Alex Marquez, SINISTER (Aad), MORGOTH (Marc), BENEDICTION (Frank), VITAL REMAINS (Dave), Bard "Faust" Eithun or Martin van Drunen, plus tons of equally interesting chats with PATHS OF POSSESSION, KRISIUN, DEATHEVOCATION, NOMINON, NECROVATION, PENTACLE, SCENT OF DEATH etc. etc. There’s also no less than 27 pages (!!) of reviews and a free compilation CD that features 19 underground acts (due to the fact that it’s not the usual label sponsored type thing, it’s "just" a CD-R, but visually done with much dedication!!). The whole layout differs a bit between both parts of the zine. While MYSTICAL MUSIC still continue on with lots of borders and stuff (pretty much like the old VOICES print issues), the CARNAGE part is more straight, simple structured and clear. It’s up to you what you prefer… I personally don’t have a problem with each of them, as both contents know to convince completely – and that’s what matters the most anyway! This issue sells for 5 Euro (ppd. in Germany) / 7 Euro (ppd. rest of the world, shipping)… And you know what? It’s worth every little cent, believe me! MYSTICAL MUSIC (Ralf):,, CARNAGE (Leif):,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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