Issue # 16
(104 pages, A4, printed, in English)

OK, I have to admit it’s getting boring with MYSTICAL MUSIC. Issue by issue we have to use the same superlatives, as it is simply the most professional one among the fanzines outthere, offers the most up-to-date information when talking about a printed fanzine, offers absolutely value for money and when talking about the layout it’s almost heretical to call MYSTICAL MUSIC a fanzine! That readers of Voices From The Darkside have to buy this issue, and should hurry up as it is again limited to 500 copies, is dead clear, but would you mind reading something negative about MYSTICAL MUSIC #16? You know, it’s so easy to write positive about one of the best, if not the best fanzine around, therefore I thought good criticism is more than welcome this time. And I’m sure Ralf Hauber won’t be angry about it, too. First and biggest complain goes directly to Ralf: how can you dare to write down this criticism about your work at the end of the editorial? What do you mean with "I mostly think that the turning out of this new issue gonna set the mark for a possible future!"? What is your intention? Do you really think there might be no future for another issue or even more issues of MYSTICAL MUSIC? If you really think that way I think I have to discuss that more detailled with you together with a few beers the next time we meet, haha. Next point: the MORGOTH interview turned out far too short. There are many questions left to be answered. What happened to Rüdiger Hennecke for example? What about MORGOTH being labelled as DEATH-clones back in the early nineties? What about MORGOTH being too commercial for the underground back then? Ralf, I’m more than angry now. I’m sitting in front of my computer writing this fuckin’ review, trying to figure out something negative about your issue and the only things to complain are that you are doubting the future of your fanzine and me that the contents of the featured MORGOTH interview could be a little bit more detailled or longer. Me doing interviews here and then, too, knows too good that there always 2 parties responsible how an interview turns out, and the truth is, this interview turned out pretty good, it’s just me who wants to read more about them (seeing them live this year was killer, reason enough). I put it short now, without even writing more information about the featured bands (interviews, reviews), the attached posters (ASPYHX b/w, AUTOPSY colored) and the CDR-sampler, as #16 is once again a must-have for all fans of truly dedicated underground work and the support Ralf is doing for the whole Death Metal scene can only be praised enough with buying a copy of this issue immediately. I guess if #16 sells out far too fast he won’t think such stupid thoughts as mentioned in his editorial EVER again. To order a copy send 8,- € / 12 US$ (ppd) to: MYSTICAL MUSIC Zine, c/o Ralf Hauber, Emerlandweg 11, 73529 Strassdorf, Germany. Email:

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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