Issue # 09
(74 pages, A4, xeroxed, in German)

Yezzzz, this is a really cool one. It is good to see printed fanzines these days when most of the underground press just exist as an online version. This is of course not the only reason why this is a good fanzine. It has the traditional b/w looking design of the early 90s mags with a lot of zombie and skull artworks; the interviews and reviews are arranged clearly which contributes to a cool overall look and makes this ‘zine readable easily. Regarding the contents we get offered Death Metal in all its facets. In depth interviews with bands such as CHAOSBREED, OCCULT, CANNIBAL CORPSE, HEARSE, PAGANIZER etc. plus lots of reviews, all done in an entertaining manner of writing. So kick yourself in your lazy asses and get your hands on this.,, MYSTICAL MUSIC ZINE, c/o Ralf Hauber, Emerlandweg 11, D – 73529 Strassdorf, Germany

Andi Bauer

Andi Bauer

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