Issue # 15
(88 pages, A4, printed, in English)

One of the best, if not the best Death Metal fanzine in the entire underground returns with its 15th issue. Is this already some kind of anniversary? "Explosion Of Rotten Death!" is the subtitle of this issue and this subtitle should give you hints what to deal with: rancid and rotten Death Metal through all pages! Interviews with such names as DISMEMBER, GRAVE, PUNGENT STENCH, EDGE OF SANITY MASSACRE or DEMILICH should fasten every Death Metal fan’s heartbeat and interviews with newer acts like STENCH OF DECAY, GRAVE MIASMA, TORTURE DIVISION, HOODED MENACE, AEON or ENTRAILS (among others) are probably the right thing to wet your pants. Plenty of interesting reads are offered for the fan of this genre. And the last topic featured with an interview is a chat with the artist / illustrator Matthew Carr / Putrid Gore Art. I don’t want to mention any more in details about the featured interviews, just saying that they are not the average blablabla but are well structured and mostly high on information. So it’s yours now to check them out. One year after the release of # 14 Ralf and his team completed one more great issue full of information, detailed and interesting interviews and this time just reviews of the best releases since the last issues (quote: "… sort out the best and forget the rest!!!"). Considering the reviews I think this is a good idea as a review should be a purchasing recommendation and for this we want to read about the best releases out there. Next worth to mention, though this is a repetition as it is as awesome as in the former issues, is the layout which is again done in responsibility of Leif Timm and he did once more a great job offering the layout in the traditionally fanzine-like cut & paste – style and combining it with today’s possibilities of modern graphic instruments. To put out a fanzine like MYSTICAL MUSIC once a year is a helluva effort and to keep it in this quality is simply amazing and can’t be praised high enough. # 15 is a feast for all Death Metal lunatics who are deeply interested in the old school underground (old and new "old school" so to speak, haha). Next to the great contents of this fanzine it comes along with a CDR including 20 tracks and approx. 80 minutes playing time and a GRAVE / EDGE OF SANITY poster. This is a 100% positive review with 2 thumbs up and I can only recommend this review to every reader of Voices out there. The market for printed fanzines is tougher in these years now, but as long as fanzines such as MYSTICAL MUSIC exists not all hope is gone. Left for me is to say that you should better be fast now as this issue is once again strictly limited to 500 copies. To order yourself a copy send 7,- Euro / 10 US$ (ppd) to: MYSTICAL MUSIC Zine, c/o Ralf Hauber, Emerlandweg 11, 73529 Strassdorf, Germany. Email:

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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