Issue # 14
(90 pages, A4, printed, in English)

I am glad that Ralf and Leif were so fast with the new issue of MYSTICAL MUSIC after the really cool "Speak English or Die" (issue # 13) which was the first one written in English. Hopefully the two Germaniacs continue their own path and support the traditional way of doing a fanzine. I am glad they do so, because Mystical Music is for sure one of the best zines around these days, with real dedication and total passion for the old school Death Metal. I admit that the new issue is damn impressive, even at first glance: thick and well printed, with a blasphemous cover artwork made by Chilean artist Daniel "Desecrator" Urzua that prepares the reader for the overall sinister content of the zine. Entitled "… A Tribute to the Darkened Old School Death Metal way…", issue # 14 features some pretty cool interviews with bands such as: ASPHYX, AT THE GATES, ENTOMBED, DESULTORY, AVULSED, SEANCE, FUNEBRARUM, HATESPAWN, TRIBULATION, BLOODY SIGN, IMPIETY, DENIAL and more. As expected, the interviews are really interesting (and fun to read) and have the die-hard mentality from the eyes of a real fan. Needless to say that the quality of the work is overall in the same levels as in the past and I guess most Voices’ readers know what to expect by such a dedicated maniac like Ralf! Concerning the reviews – "section", I think most reviews are pretty well-written and to the point and I am glad that only worth-while ones are included (who has time to read about mediocre stuff after all?). The layout looks damn killer and "old school" with all the cool artwork and frames as appropriate. As expected, the issue is accompanied by a compilation of bands featured in the issue (and not only!) which serves as a cool soundtrack while you read these unholy pages. Also a review "massacre" is included in the CD, in pdf format, containing reviews that didn’t make it in the printed pages (for those that need to read everything). All in all, a great zine, a killer effort with dedication, class and attitude that deserves your support 101%! Oh, and as a final bonus, each copy of the issue is accompanied with a great two sided poster as well (NECROPHOBIC / DISMEMBER)! Don’t miss it because you will regret it for sure!!! It sells for 6 Euro / 9 US $ (ppd.). Contact Ralf:,

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

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