Issue # 13
(86 pages, A4, printed, in English)

After two split issues with the German CARNAGE zine, MYSTICAL MUSIC returns to the scene with a new edition strictly on their own, but for the first time totally written in English. The change of language definitely was a wise decision as a zine entirely written in German always limits a dedicated publication like this for obvious reasons… Apart from that, everything else luckily has stayed the same, and that’s more than fine with me. The layout still looks extremely old school (with all the typical borders and stuff), which is kind of refreshing due to the fact that almost every print zine alive these days tries to come up with a more magazine type / highly professional look. Especially in this musical genre I will always prefer the cut and paste, typewriter style over a computerized visual side, so all power to MYSTICAL MUSIC for continuing on in that tradition! Even though the CARNAGE part is missing this time, Mr.Hauber and his fellow writers still managed to come up with highly impressive 86 A4 pages, covered with lots of reviews and 19 in-depth interviews with the likes of RESURRECTION, DEICIDE, HAIL OF BULLETS, BLOODBATH, DISFEAR, UNANIMATED, FATALIST, DEMIURG, THE ROTTED, MOURNING BELOVETH, FACEBREAKER, 21 LUCIFERS, GRAVEYARD and SPEARHEAD. Very cool specials on TREBLINKA (6 pages) and GROTESQUE (8 pages) plus a chat with DANIEL EKEROTH (editor of the excellent Swedish Death Metal book) complete the picture. The coverartwork was done by Riddickart (ARSIS, KATAKLYSM, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) and each issue once again comes with a free CDR sampler, that offers 21 underground tracks in total, plus further reviews as an enhanced PDF file (only release highlights found their way into the printed part of the zine). Cool idea, even though I could still easily live without free CDs/CDRs in zines… To order yourself a copy send 5,- Euro / 8 US$ (postage & package included) to: MYSTICAL MUSIC Zine, c/o Ralf Hauber, Emerlandweg 11, 73529 Strassdorf, Germany. Email: Distributors and mailorders are always welcome as well.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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