Eternal Grief
(Demonic War Cult Productions)

NAMELESS… I remember that name… from Colombia. Yes, I received a very nice looking tape named "Across The Threshold" in the late 90s with a quite good production from the time being and the place of origin. Back then in the 90s the style of the band was very obscure, deep and melancholic Death Metal with many doom passages, in a style that was well known by bands in the UK and The Netherlands… MY DYING BRIDE, ANATHEMA, CASTLE, BEYOND BELIEF… those were the names… and now fast forward more than 20 years later. Not only did I find that the band is still going on, but alas, they have kept faithful to their style in all those years, and although some movements in the band members, the early essence is still there: melodic, yet somber Death / Doom Metal. And of the highest caliber I must add. With a very powerful sound, and a fantastic execution, NAMELESS presents their second full length in their history. For the fans of the style, this is a must. Although the Doom Metal side is stronger than the Death Metal side, as those weeping guitar harmonies and tempos are usually of that of a dying man dragging its casket are more present, there are a few bursts of faster Metal here and there, to keep things interesting. Yet, the band is all about creating atmospheres. Some will find that the music is quite too dense, even a bit repetitive and maybe even for the casual listener it might be a bit boring, but then again that is the beauty of extreme Doom / Death; to take a deep listening and to move yourself into a different mood, a different emotion through the music. Which in this case most of the time that emotion is melancholy… and at fewer times, rage. I am more of the guys prefering rage over melancholy at any time, yet this 10 track work of somber art is good enough that I am sure that most Metalheads will find something in here. For those into the gloomines of despair and death, surely a disc to discover.,

Julián “Thy Coffin” Núñez

Julián "Thy Coffin" Núñez

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